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Bitcoin for ps
  uiCk, Nov 18 2017


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US stocks?
  uiCk, Jul 01 2014

  Following the bull market pattern of the past five years, the U.S. stock market continues to climb to new highs while shaking off all reasons for pessimism as well as the warnings of skeptics. Stock market bulls are becoming increasingly brazen as they drive the market to nosebleed heights, which is convincing a greater number of people into believing in the economic recovery. Unfortunately, the public is being fooled because the U.S. stock market and economy is experiencing another classic central bank-driven bubble that will end in a calamity, erasing trillions of dollars of wealth.

Ya? anyone else read this? care to share some opinions on this (please do read the article, at least partially befor shooting it down, lots of interesting graphs and patterns in there)
I have some economics background, though am a bit of a newb when it comes to stock market specifics.

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What if
  uiCk, Dec 10 2013

The result of allins pre river were determined by the winning % instead of drawing cards. for cash games as an alternative options to drawing x2

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